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a strategic + growth oriented consulting firm

Saltee Co is your strategic partner to drive game changing experiences, create growth oriented conversations + implement life impacting coaching.

We build this on a foundation of accountability, culture + leadership. By bringing unique ideation, innovative creation + intentional execution, we are here to ensure your organization exceeds its strategic goals. Built on decades of hands on leadership, strategic implementation + executional ownership, Saltee Co will impact your team beyond simply exceeding goals, we want to ensure it drives sustainable growth for your future as well.

Why Saltee Co?

We take a unique perspective in all of our engagements.

The reason? We’ve got hands on expertise to bring into each conversation + partnership. It’s something we’ve experienced before, it’s something we’ve created + implemented before, it’s something that we’ve thought through, seen into execution + sustained it.  We want to bring that expertise into our partnership with you.

It doesn’t stop there - we also have a purpose rooted into why we exist in the first place. Just like salt both permeates + preserves what it comes into contact with - we do the same. We want to bring new ideas to your organization - new ideas that will positively permeate throughout your organization. We also recognize that there is a ton of goodness that already exists within your team - it’s our goal to also ensure we preserve that goodness as we introduce new ideas, processes + expectations.

How it works


Saltee Co works with credit unions + community Banks to craft experience centric plans, growth oriented strategies, and leadership rooted coaching frameworks. Reach out to  see how Saltee Co can help your organization make an incredible + lasting impact.

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We thrive in our ability to  partner in creating, developing + launching strategic plans to help your organization grow + win.


Companies win or lose based on their talent.  Not only can we help develop talent planning, but our deep network can connect you to top candidates.


Coaching + Leadership is rooted in intentional accountability, we've been able to lift powerful coaching + leadership programs to help organizations drive positive accountability.


Ethos takes culture to an even deeper level - the actual heartbeat of your organization.  We develop + launch programs to help this thrive, ultimately driving monumental success.

Learning + Development

The core of your business rests on the competence + confidence of your team.  This is built through a strategic approach to learning + development, something we can help implement.

Executive Coaching

We are here to help ensure you are leading your team with excellence and confidence. You need a partner in those conversations - we thrive here.

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real ideas.
real impact.
real results.

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